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Nick Masotti

    Growing up in Winter Park, Florida, Nick began his love with food and cooking at a young age. Food was always a way of bringing people together in the Masotti household. Dinner time was never taken lightly, and this put food in the spotlight early for Nick. His first job in a small Mexican restaurant at age 14 was the start of his food career. This was his first exposure to food in a professional setting and would give him an early look at how sauces and condiments were made.


    Throughout his teenage years, Nick worked his way up through the Central Florida food scene and decided to follow through with Culinary school at Valencia College. After receiving his Culinary/Hospitality degree, and many years in the restaurant industry, Nick relocated to beautiful Western North Carolina where, he assisted in starting his family owned organic-practicing cattle farm, Trails End Farm.


   Working his way through the NC restaurant scene, Nick quickly advanced a Sous chef position,  providing much needed lessons along the way. With easy access to hyper-seasonal produce, local farmers, and a tight knit Hendersonville community, Nick wanted to start a food venture of his own. Moving to the farm gave him the ability to experiment growing through organic practice, on a larger scale. His ultimate goal was to stay true to the ethical, honest, quality ingredients that now surrounded him. Hot sauces and condiments would become the perfect vehicle for sharing all of his passions in one bottle!


Nick’s lifelong love for music has given him the opportunity to travel and experience the culinary scene as well as the music scene. After a month-long hiatus in South America Nick started Up All Night in the Fall of 2020. He found an appreciation for new cultural cuisine, which included Hot Sauce! It was time to start putting his efforts into something he himself could be proud of. Up All Night is now operated on Trails End Farm full time. Nick has grown a passion for making connections with local farmers and aims to continue sourcing in WNC. Up All Night's product line will continue to expand and seek to support the growth of the surrounding Carolinas.


Small Batch. BIG Flavor.

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