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Welcome Spicy Friends

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Welcome Spicy Friends,

Up All Night would like to take this opportunity to thank all of YOU for supporting us thus far; purchasing sauce, merch, spreading the word, visiting our site, and liking/sharing our content on social media. It has been quite a ride and learning experience but we are glad to see that our sauces and ideals have peeked peoples interest! Your support is highly appreciated, and will certainly be needed if we are to grow and flourish! If we have peeked your interest and you are looking to be a part of our newsletter, create an account to join a collective of hot sauce lovers such as ourselves. Our newsletter will be out soon, packed with the latest Up All Night news, merch, and access to our test group! As we gear up for the holiday season; and the weather begins to cool down, plans to come out with a new sauce are being discussed. As always we plan to stay as locally-sourced and seasonal as possible. It will be a limited release sauce of around 1500 bottles to be sold starting hopefully in January. Currently, you can purchase a bottle in-person at the Mills River Farmers Market. So if you are local to the WNC area, come check us out and say hello! We are still looking for a name for this creation and awaiting a label design. Message through the "Contact Us" page with your thoughts on a new sauce name; any and all suggestions are welcome. More information on this new creation will come to the site soon.

Once again, we thank you Spicy Friends for the support!

Nick Masotti, Owner

P.S. we named it "Tokin' Swinger "

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Jul 22, 2023

so i got Carolina bee sting as a gift today, side note i am a hot sauce fanatic, let me tell you something you want an amazing tasting quality product you need to get these guys sauces they are amazing great flavors and the descriptions they give on each sauce are perfect and truthful. i already have 10 people going to buy and try them out. keep up the good work and cant wait to try everything you put out.

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